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11 days and 10 nights
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Chengdu + Guiyang 11 Days
11 days and 10 nights
Look at the ancient giant panda, worship Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, and ask Qingcheng Mountain! Travel through time and space, explore the sleeping Sanxingdui for thousands of years! Experience Xu Xiake's depiction of the Baishui River - Huangguoshu Waterfall, and take a look at the abandoned emerald in the world - the Little Seven Eyes of Libo. No other small town can tell the story of Oriental Beauty so vividly like Zhenyuan Ancient Town! Here are the fingertips of intangible cultural heritage craftsmen dancing, and the soft choir of A-mei by the campfire! Maotai is located in the deep mountains, yet the fragrance of wine floats for thousands of miles, making it famous both domestically and internationally.
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Hello everyone, welcome to China! Arrive at the airport and take a flight to Chengdu.


After breakfast, head to the giant panda base, China national treasure, where giant pandas are most active. You can see giant pandas eating breakfast, climbing trees, and rolling on the ground. Sipping a cup of traditional Chinese tea in a teahouse will make you feel the slow pace of life in this city.

In the afternoon, visit the most beautiful bookstore in China - Zhongshuge, outlining the hometown and heaven in the hearts of Chengdu. Pushing open the door and entering, the tall book ladder makes people look up, and the mirrored ceiling is like a clear blue sky, reflecting the figure of every reader. This is like a basin, where although it is not a collection of beautiful mountains and waters or the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it is a crystallization of wisdom from ancient and modern times, both domestically and internationally.

After visiting the Shu Brocade Weaving and Embroidery Museum, it is the only professional venue in the country with a complete set of handmade Shu brocade production techniques and a display of Shu brocade history and culture. The exhibition not only includes various types of Shu brocade, but also a small flower tower wooden weaving machine from the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, which is the only weaving machine in the world that can be used for weaving.


After breakfast, go to visit Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, the only grand water conservancy project in the world that has a long history and is characterized by dam free water diversion. It is not only a great miracle of China water conservancy engineering technology, but also a shining pearl of the world water conservancy engineering.

In the afternoon, visit Qingcheng Mountain, worship Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and ask Qingcheng Mountain.

In the morning, I went to the Sanxingdui Museum, where I slept for thousands of years and woke up to the world knowledge. It was a dialogue that spanned 3000 years of time and space. No copy is worth seeing with my own eyes. Uncover the mysterious treasure of ancient Shu civilization and explore the mysterious corners of millennium history!

In the afternoon, head to Wenshu Temple, a famous Buddhist temple in Sichuan, built during the Sui Dynasty with a long history and a lingering ancient charm. Although the temple is located in the bustling city, it is a very quiet Buddhist sanctuary with ancient and distinctive buildings.

In the evening, it is recommended to visit Jinli Old Street, where red lanterns are hung high, bars and tea houses are used for chatting. Once you come to the ancient Chinese streets, you will fall in love with them. Watch Chinese intangible cultural heritage shadow puppetry and taste unique snacks.

After breakfast, take the high-speed train to Guiyang, which takes 3 hours. Referring to the G3703 train, it will arrive around 10:47.
In the afternoon, visit the famous waterfall in Asia - Huangguoshu Waterfall, a disappearing wonder of the world. The scenic area features waterfalls of various sizes and shapes, making it a cool summer destination. Experience the magnificent scenery of flying down three thousand feet.
Huangguoshu Waterfall is famous for its huge scale and spectacular scenery, with a height of 77.8 meters, of which the main waterfall is 67 meters high; The width is 101 meters, with the main waterfall top width of 83.3 meters. This waterfall belongs to the erosion fissure type waterfall in karst landforms. The largest waterfall in the Huangguoshu Waterfall Group, which includes multiple small waterfalls and natural landscapes such as Water Curtain Cave.


After breakfast, head to visit the Little Seven Holes in Libo, the emerald on the Earth belt, and the rare water forest area in karst landforms. Strode through the water and dream about it. The river water comes with its own filter, clear and transparent. Anyone who has come here will definitely remember the water vapor rushing towards them.

After wards, head to the Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang, which is a place that preserves the complete cultural integrity of the Miao primitive ecology, making it an excellent choice for viewing and studying Miao traditional culture. The most beautiful scenery in Miao Village is at sunrise and sunset, with countless lights shining in the evening, resembling the scenes in oil paintings. In the evening, you can watch local folk cultural performances.
Day 7 zhenyuan

After breakfast, you can always find the appearance of various intangible cultural heritage crafts such as dyeing, weaving, Paper Cuttings and embroidery in Kaili Miao Market in the morning. The totems and legends of stories can always be proved on these clothes, shoes and hats; From old to new, one can see the aesthetic changes of different ethnic branches in different eras.

After wards, take a car to the ancient town of Zhenyuan and enjoy a night tour of this water town, known as the Venice of the East, located on the banks of the Wuyang River, surrounded by mountains. The river meanders through the city in an S shape, with the old city on the north bank and the old Acropolis on the south bank. From a distance, it resembles a Tai Chi diagram. Both cities were built during the Ming Dynasty, and some of the city walls and gates still exist. There are many ancient buildings, traditional residences, and historical docks both inside and outside the city.

After breakfast, take a car to the Italian town of Yuqing.

In the afternoon, we will visit Wujiang Village in Zunyi, where the most primitive Qianbei residential villages are preserved. Intangible cultural heritage such as stilted buildings, rowing boats, single bamboo floats, Miao bamboo pole dances, Kongming lanterns, dyeing rooms, paper workshops, stages, and tea houses have preserved space for memory, showcasing true Eastern aesthetics here.

In the afternoon, go to Maotai Town, a millennium wine town, to visit Maotai Distillery. Maotai Town is surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on one side, with no wind throughout the year. It is suitable for the growth and reproduction of microbial communities, and the air contains microbial communities. Experience the rich wine culture. Dont forget to taste a cup of authentic Maotai wine, and then have another Maotai ice cream to experience the unique sauce aroma.

Afterwards, take a car to Guiyang.

Visit Jiaxiulou in the evening, cyberpunk, with an ancient charm and magnificent scenery. The quiet and tranquil place in the bustling city, brightly lit at night, has become the focal point of history, culture, and modern civilization. In modern civilization, it shines with the light of history and carries the spirit of surpassing the world. It is a witness to the history of Guiyang and a symbol of cultural development.

After breakfast, head to visit the King of Chinese Karst Caves - Zhijin Cave, which has been rated as one of the Six Most Beautiful Tourist Caves in China; The most beautiful tourist destination in China - the first of the Top Ten Wonderful Caves in China. There are various, unique and lifelike stalactite deposits and crystals scattered throughout the cave, with over 120 different forms, setting a world record.

In the afternoon, visit the Guizhou Ethnic Museum, where you can learn about the distribution and customs of ethnic minorities. Various ethnic costumes are dazzling. 

Afterwards, visit Qingyun Market and taste various specialty snacks and delicacies.


Take a flight back to Guangzhou.


Cost Description:

The above fees are quoted by a team of 15 people;

When the number of people increases or decreases, the quotation needs to be recalculated.

If there are single men and single women, they need to make up for the difference in the single room;

The cost includes: hotels, attractions, tour guide fees, and recommended travel expenses.

The cost does not include: airfare and high-speed rail transportation within China, meals, tips (driver and tour guide 15 euros/person/day), insurance (insurance 8 euros/person)

Preparation before traveling:

  1. According to the selected travel project, bring your travel items, choose your clothes, and prepare your travel shoes. It is not advisable to wear leather shoes when traveling. 

    It is not advisable to take an umbrella when traveling in mountainous areas with rain gear. Please bring your own raincoat.

  2. Elderly passengers should wear canes and do not put fragile items in their luggage.

  3. When traveling to wildlife reserves, neutral colors such as brown, beige, and earthy yellow should be worn; White and other delicate colors can make animals uneasy. 

    Meanwhile, try to wear long sleeved clothes and pants to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes in the jungle.

  4. Some entertainment activities are only suitable for wearing long pants, so female travelers should not only wear skirts, but also shoes and pants that are comfortable and lightweight.

  5. Some hotels have implemented green and environmentally friendly travel, and have cancelled the use of disposable items. Guests are requested to bring their own toothbrushes, 

    toothpaste, and hair removal from their shoes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Check your body in advance and bring your own medication:

  1. Passengers should consider their physical condition before departure, and if necessary, obtain the approval of a doctor before departure. If the passenger's physical condition is 

    weak or has been sick before, they must insist on treatment to prevent the recurrence of old diseases. Elderly people often suffer from various chronic diseases, and those who 

    need to take long-term medication should not forget to take medication when traveling, otherwise it may lead to the recurrence, worsening or worsening of old diseases. Notify 

    the tour guide or leader promptly when feeling unwell.

  2. To prevent soil erosion, one should prepare commonly used medicines and first aid supplies according to their own situation, such as bandages, band aids, dampness and pain 

    relief creams, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, antidiarrheals, anti-inflammatory drugs, berberine, wind oil essence, stomach tonics, anti allergic drugs, etc.

  3. When participating in highland, field and long-distance travel, the travel agency does not recommend that the elderly or those with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, physical 

    disability and other unsuitable passengers join the group travel. If they insist on participating in the group travel, they must obtain the approval of the doctor in advance, prepare 

    medicines, obtain the approval of their family members and children, and be accompanied by a specially assigned person. If they buy or sell for their own reasons, the passengers 

    shall bear their own responsibility.

  4. The travel agency does not recommend pregnant women to participate in group tours. If they insist on participating, they must obtain the approval of a doctor and family member, 

    and have a dedicated person accompany them. In case of any accidents, the passenger shall bear the responsibility on their own.


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The definition of the Sanchunqi brand vacation entity is: Natural and Cultural Theme Brand Homestay. Constructed based on the unique natural and cultural characteristics of the location and refined into a certain theme, the designer customizes the software and hardware according to the needs of modern human travel. Every family celebrates their third anniversary, making them a unique product of their own. The series of brand homestays provides a natural and creative design that excels in local selection, and is built on various product forms such as vacation homestays and urban spaces, providing a modern living experience that is both natural, comfortable, and interesting to a specific person. The homestay is located on the golden roof of the observation deck of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, with all solid wood furnishings that are low-key yet luxurious. The store is equipped with a unique butler, and you will receive thoughtful help whenever you need it. The large windows provide a panoramic view of the scenery.

The inn is built with water stickers and is located next to the Zhusheng Bridge in the core area of the ancient city of Zhenyuan. It faces the ancient architectural complex of Qinglong Cave and has various guest rooms with direct access by elevator. Each guest room comes with a private river view balcony, offering the most beautiful river view of the ancient city. The top floor is equipped with a starry sky skylight bubble pool suite. The inn is designed with a tranquil aesthetic and decorated with local chestnut wood. The top floor is equipped with a Sky Realm internet red pool, a casual coffee bar, and the most beautiful night view in Zhenyuan during check-in.

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