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10 days and 9 nights
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Beijing+Liaoning+Jilin 10 Days
10 days and 9 nights
Take you to appreciate the northeast of this magical land, where there is not only the sea, there is the palace, there is the king of the forest - the northeast tiger, and the real snow mountain - Changbai Mountain.I came from afar, to go to your side of the appointment, long time together to the white head, this so-called Changbai. In the Korean border town of Yanji, looking across the Tumen River to Nanyang, North Korea, to see the fireworks and romance of the border between China and North Korea.
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Arrive at the airport and take a flight to Dalian


After breakfast, go to Xinghai Square, Dalian landmark building, the largest square in Asia. After visiting Dalian Shell Museum, is currently the only domestic, the world s largest shellfish as the theme, set the shellfish research, science education, exhibition collection, marine life thematic display and international academic exchanges as one of the specialized museums.In the afternoon, visit Shengya Ocean World, which will have dolphin show and feed shark show, here is also Asia s largest penguin breeding base.


After breakfast, take the high speed train to Shenyang, the ride is about 2h, arrive at about 10:30.In the afternoon to visit Shenyang Imperial Palace, one of the two major existing palace groups in China, witnessed the early Qing dynasty Nurhachu, Huang taiji hard work place.


After breakfast, take the high speed train to Changbaishan , arrive at about 13:00.In the afternoon, go to the magic world rafting, Daquan River original ecological rafting, is the hottest net red rafting in summer in the north scenic area of Changbaishan Mountain, both sides of the river are surrounded by forests, the scenery is very beautiful.


After breakfast, take a bus to Changbai Mountain, you can see Changbai Waterfall and Julong Hot Spring, go to Julong Hot Spring there to try the hot spring boiled egg, it really tastes different.In the afternoon, go to the ginseng town, known as the hometown of Chinese ginseng, ginseng not only can tonify the body and improve immunity, but also has the effect of improving the mental state and delaying aging.


After breakfast, transfer to Yanji, drive about 2h.Have a citywalk, head to Yanbian Museum, the first choice to learn about local history and culture.In the afternoon, visit the Korean Folklore Garden, where there are traditional buildings,cultural exhibitions and folk dances. In the evening, we will arrange a special Korean meal.


After breakfast, take a bus to Tumen, the port of entry between China and North Korea.Climb up to the Nanyang Pavilion, overlooking the other side of the North Korean Nanyang and even see the North Korean people laboring, a very interesting experience.Return to Yanji in the afternoon.


After breakfast, take the high speed train to Changchun, the spring city in the north of China, the ride is about 2.5h, arrive at about 10:30.In the afternoon, we will go to Northeast Tiger Park to watch Northeast tigers and get to know the king of the forest up close. Take the bus into the beast area,you can directly and tigers, lions, black bears and zero distance viewing.Afterwards, go to Jilin Provincial Wine Culture Museum, which has created the Guinness World Record for “the largest collection of white wine bottles”.


After breakfast, proceed to the Forged Manchu Imperial Palace,one of the largest Xingya-style complexes and a must-see for visitors to Changchun.Afterwards, visit Zhongshu Ge, the most beautiful bookstore in China.In the afternoon, visit Changchun World Sculpture Garden,a national 5A level tourist attraction, where you can enjoy artworks from all over the world and feel the charm of different cultures.


Take a flight back to Beijing.


Cost Description:

The above fees are quoted by a team of 15 people;

When the number of people increases or decreases, the quotation needs to be recalculated.

If there are single men and single women, they need to make up for the difference in the single room;

The cost includes: hotels, attractions, tour guide fees, and recommended travel expenses.

The cost does not include: airfare and high-speed rail transportation within China, meals, tips (driver and tour guide 15 euros/person/day), insurance (insurance 8 euros/person)

Preparation before traveling:

  1. According to the selected travel project, bring your travel items, choose your clothes, and prepare your travel shoes. It is not advisable to wear leather shoes when traveling. 

    It is not advisable to take an umbrella when traveling in mountainous areas with rain gear. Please bring your own raincoat.

  2. Elderly passengers should wear canes and do not put fragile items in their luggage.

  3. When traveling to wildlife reserves, neutral colors such as brown, beige, and earthy yellow should be worn; White and other delicate colors can make animals uneasy. 

    Meanwhile, try to wear long sleeved clothes and pants to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes in the jungle.

  4. Some entertainment activities are only suitable for wearing long pants, so female travelers should not only wear skirts, but also shoes and pants that are comfortable and lightweight.

  5. Some hotels have implemented green and environmentally friendly travel, and have cancelled the use of disposable items. Guests are requested to bring their own toothbrushes, 

    toothpaste, and hair removal from their shoes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Check your body in advance and bring your own medication:

  1. Passengers should consider their physical condition before departure, and if necessary, obtain the approval of a doctor before departure. If the passenger's physical condition is 

    weak or has been sick before, they must insist on treatment to prevent the recurrence of old diseases. Elderly people often suffer from various chronic diseases, and those who 

    need to take long-term medication should not forget to take medication when traveling, otherwise it may lead to the recurrence, worsening or worsening of old diseases. Notify 

    the tour guide or leader promptly when feeling unwell.

  2. To prevent soil erosion, one should prepare commonly used medicines and first aid supplies according to their own situation, such as bandages, band aids, dampness and pain 

    relief creams, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, antidiarrheals, anti-inflammatory drugs, berberine, wind oil essence, stomach tonics, anti allergic drugs, etc.

  3. When participating in highland, field and long-distance travel, the travel agency does not recommend that the elderly or those with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, physical 

    disability and other unsuitable passengers join the group travel. If they insist on participating in the group travel, they must obtain the approval of the doctor in advance, prepare 

    medicines, obtain the approval of their family members and children, and be accompanied by a specially assigned person. If they buy or sell for their own reasons, the passengers 

    shall bear their own responsibility.

  4. The travel agency does not recommend pregnant women to participate in group tours. If they insist on participating, they must obtain the approval of a doctor and family member, 

    and have a dedicated person accompany them. In case of any accidents, the passenger shall bear the responsibility on their own.

The hotel is located in the southwest landmark of the city - Xinghai Square area, adjacent to Xinghai Square, overlooking Xinghai Bay Bridge hotel design concept is reading and humanistic photography as the theme, high quality room products, careful and warm service, bring you "natural, quiet, warm, simple" healthy lifestyle. Yatuo "peace of mind project" has been fully implemented, washing and drying self-service laundry room (dust) and large reading club book bar (bamboo house), to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed parking space. Here, you can rest, recharge, relax, is your business travel and tourism of the best choice. Here, there is always unexpected warmth. Linshanhai charm is full, pin-Yado humanistic spirit!
The hotel is located in the bustling Taiyuan Street business district, a Metropark brand of high-star hotel, with elegant and comfortable rooms and serviced apartments, a large luxury banquet hall, a combination of Eastern and Western cuisine of various restaurants, showing the hotel s comfort and luxury. The family theme room of the hotel allows children to immerse themselves in the fairy tale world, and the room is equipped with children s entertainment facilities, children s special toiletries, etc., so that you can enjoy the warm and pleasant time with your children! With our high quality rooms and warm service, we sincerely welcome all guests!
Hotel is located in Changbai Mountain International Resort Baiyun Road, Shamanic Culture experience Museum, you can see the scenery of the snow resort. Soft pillows and a queen bed for a good night s sleep. The speakers in the bathroom connect to the TV, so you don t have to worry about missing a show. After breakfast, you can take your children to the ice lake park, or go to the ski resort at the back door to experience the excitement. If you don t want to go out, the indoor pool and children s playground are also good places for parent-child activities. "Ji Coffee" all-day restaurant can eat local specialties; The setting of the peak bar is very romantic, and having a drink with your companions is very romantic.
Yanji Huayi Kaiilos Hotel, located in Yanji City, Yanhe Street 1329, east of Yanji River, west of Yanji Park, north of the development of the new District, the appearance of luxury, elegant internal environment. The hotel has more than 200 deluxe rooms, all rooms are designed by famous artists, complete and detailed layout, elegant and warm style, comfortable and free environment; There are 14 private dining rooms, very humanized design style, where you can overlook the beautiful scenery of Yanji, drive away the fatigue of the day, the shop also has high-grade Japanese bath, chess and card room, fitness and hairdressing and other health and entertainment projects, so that you can fully enjoy the meticulous care in the boat and work leisure.
Oriental Yuhua Hotel is located at 888 Silicon Valley Street, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changchun City, is a collection of accommodation, catering, benefit. The comfortable design concept creates elegant rooms, and the spacious and exquisite accommodation space provides guests with a pleasant and unforgettable stay. The deluxe rooms are equipped with light bathrooms, offering customers a new experience of excellence. With the concept of "sleeping comfortably" as the center, the hote
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