Amount : $1950 / apiece
11 days and 10 nights
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Henan + Shandong 11 Days
11 days and 10 nights
This is Li Bai's sleeve spit out half of the Shengtang, is the middle of the Zi universe, calling the wind and rain - the divine capital of Luoyang, let us meet in the city of Luoyang and the Shengtang, a glance of ten thousand years. To fulfill a dream of martial arts, explore the source of Chinese kung fu and search for Shaolin! The lotus flowers on the shore of Daming Lake are already in full bloom, waiting for you to take a sip of natural spring water from the No.1 Spring in the World! The land of Qilu is known as Haidai. The fragrance of books into the sea Dai, the tide of Zhongshu Pavilion!
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Take a flight to Zhengzhou.


After breakfast, we will go to Wanxian Mountain Scenic Spot by car, driving about 2 h. Feeling is known as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” of the Wanxian Mountain GuoLiang wall highway, along the way are cliffs and cliffs. Visit Guo Liang Village, “hanging” in the depths of the Taihang Mountains on the wall of the village, which is known as “China s first village of film and television”!


In the morning, we will go to Luoyang, the ancient capital of China, with a drive of about 2h.Visit Longmen Grottoes, showing the brilliance of Chinese stone carving art.In the afternoon, visit Luoyang Museum. In the evening, it is recommended to visit Yingtianmen Gate, climb up to the queer tower and look at the bright moon. Participants are encouraged to wear Chinese or ancient costumes to better immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Tang Dynasty.


After breakfast, you will visit the “China s first ancient temple” - White Horse Monastery, the world s only internationalized temple with Buddhist temples in the styles of China, Thailand, India and Myanmar!In the afternoon, you will visit Luoyi Ancient City, where you will be traveling to ancient times from the moment you enter the city. Here you can taste various cuisines and experience the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.


After breakfast, take the bus to visit Songshan Shaolin Temple, the holy land of martial arts and the treasure of culture. Enjoy the Shaolin style, feel the unique charm of Chinese culture. In the afternoon, visit China Jun porcelain culture park, a painting are shocked soul.


After breakfast, proceed to visit - Only Henan, a great integration of the culture of Henan s Central Plains, where you can watch performances such as Theater of Illusions and The Son of Heaven.After the bus to visit the Qingming River Garden . Recreate the prosperous scene of the Northern Song Dynasty, flowing water, ancient charm. Deeply experience the charm and unique flavor of ancient Chinese culture.


After breakfast, go to visit Kaifeng Museum, one of the largest museums in Henan Province in terms of architectural scale.

In the afternoon, visit Banzai Mountain Great Song Dynasty City, a theme scenic spot centered on the culture of the Great Song Dynasty, with a variety of large-scale live performances and a sense of authenticity.After the bus to Zhengzhou.


After breakfast, take the bus to Zhengzhou Station, and then take the high-speed train to Jinan, the city of springs, a 3h drive.In the afternoon, visit the world s first spring - Baotu, spring flow into a river, then converge into a lake, and with the old city of Mingfu dependent on each other, focusing on the unique spring water scenery.


After breakfast, go to Zibo, visit ceramic glaze museum, the world glaze see China, China glaze see Zibo.In the afternoon, visit Haidai Building, where there is the most beautiful bookstore in China--Zhongshuge, you can have a cup of coffee here and spend the afternoon leisurely. In the evening, we will arrange a barbecue in Zibo.

Day 10 JINAN

After breakfast, go to visit the Shandong Museum after the tour, for the national level museum.Tour Daming Lake in the afternoon, take a boat on the Daming Lake, the sunset in the evening is a great.


Take a flight back to Shanghai/Beijing.


Cost Description:

The above fees are quoted by a team of 15 people;

When the number of people increases or decreases, the quotation needs to be recalculated.

If there are single men and single women, they need to make up for the difference in the single room;

The cost includes: hotels, attractions, tour guide fees, and recommended travel expenses.

The cost does not include: airfare and high-speed rail transportation within China, meals, tips (driver and tour guide 15 euros/person/day), insurance (insurance 8 euros/person)

Preparation before traveling:

  1. According to the selected travel project, bring your travel items, choose your clothes, and prepare your travel shoes. It is not advisable to wear leather shoes when traveling. 

    It is not advisable to take an umbrella when traveling in mountainous areas with rain gear. Please bring your own raincoat.

  2. Elderly passengers should wear canes and do not put fragile items in their luggage.

  3. When traveling to wildlife reserves, neutral colors such as brown, beige, and earthy yellow should be worn; White and other delicate colors can make animals uneasy. 

    Meanwhile, try to wear long sleeved clothes and pants to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes in the jungle.

  4. Some entertainment activities are only suitable for wearing long pants, so female travelers should not only wear skirts, but also shoes and pants that are comfortable and lightweight.

  5. Some hotels have implemented green and environmentally friendly travel, and have cancelled the use of disposable items. Guests are requested to bring their own toothbrushes, 

    toothpaste, and hair removal from their shoes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Check your body in advance and bring your own medication:

  1. Passengers should consider their physical condition before departure, and if necessary, obtain the approval of a doctor before departure. If the passenger's physical condition is 

    weak or has been sick before, they must insist on treatment to prevent the recurrence of old diseases. Elderly people often suffer from various chronic diseases, and those who 

    need to take long-term medication should not forget to take medication when traveling, otherwise it may lead to the recurrence, worsening or worsening of old diseases. Notify 

    the tour guide or leader promptly when feeling unwell.

  2. To prevent soil erosion, one should prepare commonly used medicines and first aid supplies according to their own situation, such as bandages, band aids, dampness and pain 

    relief creams, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, antidiarrheals, anti-inflammatory drugs, berberine, wind oil essence, stomach tonics, anti allergic drugs, etc.

  3. When participating in highland, field and long-distance travel, the travel agency does not recommend that the elderly or those with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, physical 

    disability and other unsuitable passengers join the group travel. If they insist on participating in the group travel, they must obtain the approval of the doctor in advance, prepare 

    medicines, obtain the approval of their family members and children, and be accompanied by a specially assigned person. If they buy or sell for their own reasons, the passengers 

    shall bear their own responsibility.

  4. The travel agency does not recommend pregnant women to participate in group tours. If they insist on participating, they must obtain the approval of a doctor and family member, 

    and have a dedicated person accompany them. In case of any accidents, the passenger shall bear the responsibility on their own.

Located on the 33rd to 50th floors of Wanda Center Jinshui, Wanda Plaza Zhengzhou offers 292 elegant and comfortable deluxe rooms and suites with stunning views over the Green City of Zhengzhou. The design of the hotel is luxurious and elegant, the rich Central Plains civilization and fashion elements complement each other, and the gorgeous materials complement the elegant furnishings. Whatever your reason for visiting this ancient capital, Wanda Mandarin Zhengzhou offers you the perfect stay. The hotel is located in the central business district of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, adjacent to Nongke Road, the geographical location is very advantageous.
Ramada Luoyang is owned by Wyndham Hotels Group, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA. As a giant in the hotel industry, Wyndham Hotels Group operates more than 9,100 hotels in more than 95 locations around the world, with approximately 852,000 rooms.Ramada Luoyang Hotel is located in the center of Luoyang, the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties, with a total construction area of more than 20,000 square meters, convenient entertainment and shopping. Direct access to major scenic spots in Luoyang. , escort your conference.
Pullman Kaifeng Jianye Hotel is located in the heart of the ancient city of Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is close to many scenic spots such as Longting Park, Qingming Shanghe Park, and Wanjiashan Martial Arts City. Surrounded by lake water, it is a high-luxury moderate low-density garden hotel integrating ancient and modern culture. The hotel everywhere shows the elements of the Northern Song Dynasty, fritiri button dragon Pavilion hall art wall, azure porcelain reception desk constitutes a "shape into purple, and intended to Qingyun" picture scroll, not only become a network red card mecca, but also opened the "prosperous, dream back to Tokyo" to explore the journey.
The hotel is located in the convenient traffic Jingshi Road main road, east of Harmony Square, adjacent to Liancheng Square, the hotel to Daming Lake, Baotu Spring, Qianfo, Quancheng Square, Fangte Oriental Mythology and other tourist attractions and shopping, dining, leisure convenient transportation. The hotel s ubiquitous old photos, historical changes, behind each photo, there is a story waiting for you to discover. The room layout adopts minimalism, elegant color matching, clear lines of the original color furniture with quite stylish black and white wind wall decoration, stepping into it, feel relaxed and happy. The hotel also has a specialty restaurant, whether in sleep, leisure and business club for you to create an elegant space with urban humanistic characteristics.
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ADD:388 Rongxing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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