Amount : $2350 / apiece
13 days and 12 nights
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Guangxi + Vietnam 13 Days
13 days and 12 nights
Enjoy the grandeur of thousands of miles of ink painting, feel the purest Chinese idyllic scenery, and taste the most absolute Chinese aesthetics. Get on a bamboo raft and row across the river, waiting for the wind to blow and the mountains to call. Go to the Sino-Vietnamese border to see the transnational waterfall, immersed in the enjoyment of the Sino-Vietnamese border of the world's secret world! Hanoi's humanistic style, Da Nang's coastal flavor, the lantern sea, coconut groves, is more relaxed than Thailand's existence!
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Hello everyone, welcome to China! Upon arrival at the airport, take the high speed train to Guilin. In the evening, we recommend to visit the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas Cultural Park, the golden pagoda is the tallest copper pagoda in the world.


After breakfast, go to the pier and take a cruise from Li River to Yangshuo. After that, visit the West Street of Yangshuo, visit the Museum of Ancient Style, and in the evening, watch the show Impression Liu Sanjie, which is China s first large-scale landscape live performance.


After breakfast, go to the Yulong River and experience bamboo rafting.In the afternoon, we will go to Ten Mile Gallery to ride bicycles among the rice paddies and experience the landscape of Guilin. In the evening, find a coffee shop and enjoy a romantic sunset.


After breakfast, drive to Elephant Trunk Hill, a symbol of Guilin s landscape, to explore the mysterious wonderland of the city of mountains and water.In the afternoon, visit Reedi Rock, where the mountains and water form a beautiful picture of landscape and idyllic scenery.


After breakfast, transfer to Nanning.In the afternoon, go to browse the Qingxiu Mountain, everywhere can be seen in the horticulturalists craftsmanship design, each perspective is a painting, completely subverted my expectations, a whole Alice in Wonderland + Avatar world of visual sense.


After breakfast, take the bus to Jingxi, the drive is about 3h.After that, we will go to visit Tongling Grand Canyon, the first grand canyon in Asia, and the virgin forest canyon.Afterward, go to Mingshi Field, take bamboo raft rafting on the Mingshi River. Visit the unique ethnic characteristics of the Zhuang residential museum, to enjoy the minority flavor show and so on.


After breakfast, ride to visit the Detian Transnational Waterfalls is known as Asia s first large Detian Transnational Waterfalls, across the two countries, remote view of the Vietnam Panjao Waterfalls to feel a foot across the two countries of the marvelous state of mind, dinner to enjoy the Zhuang family Dustbin Banquet.


After breakfast, we will take the bus to Dongxing City, the border city between China and Vietnam, along the way, we will enjoy the charming scenery along the coast of Guangxi, feel the transition from the inland city to the border city with different customs, listen to the introduction of the leader of the notes on traveling to Vietnam. After arriving at Halong City, which has one of the world s eight natural heritage wonders, the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vietnam.


After breakfast, you will be driven to the resort area of Chau Island to enjoy the coastal scenery, and then arrive at the pier to watch Vietnam s national treasure of water puppet show. After lunch, go to Paradise Island, the most romantic and beautiful island in Vietnam. Then go to the Moon Lake, take a boat tour of the maze wonderland, play after the boat back to the pier to disembark, bid farewell to God s best gift to Vietnam - Halong Bay, and then check into the hotel.

Day 10 HENEI

After breakfast, you will be driven to Luong Bay, which is located in Ninh Binh province and has a similar landscape to Halong Bay, also known as Halong Bay on land. Trang An is the capital of Ninh Binh province and one of the important tourist attractions in Vietnam.


After breakfast, visit the core area of Hanoi and Ba Dinh Square, the heart of Vietnam. After the bus to Liangshan, through the border crossing [Friendship Pass] into China; Friendship Pass was built in the Han Dynasty, is now China s first class border trade port. After lunch, return to Nanning.


After breakfast, take the high speed train to Guangzhou, the ride is 4h, arrive at about 11:25. After the visit to Yuexiu Park, hit the old city landmark of Guangzhou, “Five Sheep Stone Statue”, “Five Sheep Stone Statue”, the whole statue with the base is 11 meters high. Afterwards, visit China s most beautiful bookstore--Zhongshuge, push open the wooden door into the front hall, indulge in the European classical style.


Return by air.


Cost Description:

The above fees are quoted by a team of 15 people;

When the number of people increases or decreases, the quotation needs to be recalculated.

If there are single men and single women, they need to make up for the difference in the single room;

The cost includes: hotels, attractions, tour guide fees, and recommended travel expenses.

The cost does not include: airfare and high-speed rail transportation within China, meals, tips (driver and tour guide 15 euros/person/day), insurance (insurance 8 euros/person)

Preparation before traveling:

  1. According to the selected travel project, bring your travel items, choose your clothes, and prepare your travel shoes. It is not advisable to wear leather shoes when traveling. 

    It is not advisable to take an umbrella when traveling in mountainous areas with rain gear. Please bring your own raincoat.

  2. Elderly passengers should wear canes and do not put fragile items in their luggage.

  3. When traveling to wildlife reserves, neutral colors such as brown, beige, and earthy yellow should be worn; White and other delicate colors can make animals uneasy. 

    Meanwhile, try to wear long sleeved clothes and pants to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes in the jungle.

  4. Some entertainment activities are only suitable for wearing long pants, so female travelers should not only wear skirts, but also shoes and pants that are comfortable and lightweight.

  5. Some hotels have implemented green and environmentally friendly travel, and have cancelled the use of disposable items. Guests are requested to bring their own toothbrushes, 

    toothpaste, and hair removal from their shoes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Check your body in advance and bring your own medication:

  1. Passengers should consider their physical condition before departure, and if necessary, obtain the approval of a doctor before departure. If the passenger's physical condition is 

    weak or has been sick before, they must insist on treatment to prevent the recurrence of old diseases. Elderly people often suffer from various chronic diseases, and those who 

    need to take long-term medication should not forget to take medication when traveling, otherwise it may lead to the recurrence, worsening or worsening of old diseases. Notify 

    the tour guide or leader promptly when feeling unwell.

  2. To prevent soil erosion, one should prepare commonly used medicines and first aid supplies according to their own situation, such as bandages, band aids, dampness and pain 

    relief creams, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, antidiarrheals, anti-inflammatory drugs, berberine, wind oil essence, stomach tonics, anti allergic drugs, etc.

  3. When participating in highland, field and long-distance travel, the travel agency does not recommend that the elderly or those with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, physical 

    disability and other unsuitable passengers join the group travel. If they insist on participating in the group travel, they must obtain the approval of the doctor in advance, prepare 

    medicines, obtain the approval of their family members and children, and be accompanied by a specially assigned person. If they buy or sell for their own reasons, the passengers 

    shall bear their own responsibility.

  4. The travel agency does not recommend pregnant women to participate in group tours. If they insist on participating, they must obtain the approval of a doctor and family member, 

    and have a dedicated person accompany them. In case of any accidents, the passenger shall bear the responsibility on their own.

Poetic life, the dream carries the distance, according to the beauty of Fubo Mountain, beside the Lijiang River leisurely. With Fulongzhou across the river, with the independent Xiufeng street each other, the founder of Lily, nostalgia for the Li River, forget to return to the Fubo Mountain, do not forget the feelings of Li water Fubo Mountain, the poem and the dream of the distance landed here. Hotel rooms in combination with the local culture of Guilin to show a different landscape of Guilin, Li Shui Fubo Mountain beauty and elegant lifestyle design complement each other, in every detail is reflected vividly. Only wish you live in the house, the heart of the landscape. In addition to elegant accommodation, the hotel has a restaurant, outdoor pool, fitness centre and bar. At the same time, the superior address location makes it convenient for guests to go to the popular attractions, and they can also feel the local life scene in the hotel
 Poetry and Distance Dream Setting Sail  --  Poetry and Distance  Gallery Yard  As the third masterpiece under the brand of Poetry and Distance, it continues the brand s consistent concept of poetic dwelling, and carefully builds a quiet and pleasant holiday resort. The hotel is cleverly inlaid within the scenic area of Yulong River Ten Li Gallery, Yangshuo, Guangxi, an internationally renowned world tourist destination. Guests can sit leisurely on the grass and watch the rafters skillfully poling across the water. The bamboo rows are light and rippling, just like a dynamic ink painting scroll. With its unique natural environment and cultural atmosphere perfectly integrated, "Poetry and Distance" Gallery Courtyard precisely interprets the ideal holiday experience of "out of the world". You are sincerely invited to embark on a dream-seeking journey here to feel the unique poetry and distance that belong to you.
The hotel is a large business hotel, won the 2010 China Hotel industry honor "China Hotel Gold Star Award". The hotel stands on Huanshi East Road, the core of Guangzhou Central Business District and golden Business Circle. Stylish and modern room design; Intimate service for you to create the perfect moment. Show the style of international famous cities: Ripper Square, World Trade Center, Friendship store, colorful and wonderful; Adjacent to the well-known style bar street, it not only gathers the famous food of Chaozhou, Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan and other flavors, but also concentrates the classic food from all over the world, enjoying the prosperity and charm of the modern metropolis. The hotel also has Baiyun Chinese Restaurant, Baiyun Chinese Restaurant, Xiangyun Western Restaurant, Italian restaurant, for you to present authentic Cantonese cuisine, exquisite tea, or Western food.
Hilton Huanpeng Nanning Wuxiang is located at No. 9 Yudong Avenue, Liangqing District, Nanning City, located in Wuxiang New District, Nanning City, the environment is elegant, surrounded by Ruihe shopping Center and other large shopping malls, to meet your shopping and entertainment needs. There are also many tourist attractions for you to visit, including Wuxiangling Forest Park, Wuxianghu Park, Liangfengjiang National Forest Park, and a variety of attractions, shopping and entertainment facilities are close at hand, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of Nanning city and experience the vitality of one of the most dynamic cities in southern China.
TEL:0086-021 37028958
ADD:388 Rongxing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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